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Data Center Energy Estimates: How will they be implemented? Follow

Beginning August 2018, you will have the option to use "Estimated" Data Center Energy for your Data Center to get a score and certification. These estimates will be calculated by Portfolio Manager based on your Data Center's Gross Floor Area (GFA). This estimate is available to all Data Centers, however the estimate will only apply to up to 10% of your total GFA. For example, if your Data Center is 15% of your property's GFA, you will get credit as if it were 10% of your GFA.

There will be a new Use Detail for Data Centers called “Apply Data Center Energy Estimates”. If you select Yes, you'll be asked to input the “Current as of” date (the date that you want to start applying the estimates). Most people should enter the earliest “Current as of” date (the date your property was built). This will be the most accurate way to compare your building’s progress over time.

Separately metering your IT energy is still the best practice for monitoring your energy use and will provide the most accurate metrics, but we understand that is not always an option.

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