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Are there metrics (or web services) that let me know when my property or meter data was last updated and who made the change? Follow

EPA is releasing a set of 12 “Last Modified” metrics that will be available in Portfolio Manager and through the GET /metrics web service starting in the third quarter of 2017 to help streamline the process of syncing data with Portfolio Manager. These metrics will help web services providers to:

  • identify when data in their portfolio were last updated
  • identify who performed the updates

These metrics are:

  • Last Modified Date – Property
  • Last Modified By – Property
  • Last Modified Date - Electric Meters
  • Last Modified By – Electric Meters
  • Last Modified Date - Gas Meters
  • Last Modified By - Gas Meters
  • Last Modified Date – Non-Electric Non-Gas Energy Meters
  • Last Modified By – Non-Electric Non-Gas Energy  Meters
  • Last Modified Date - Water Meters
  • Last Modified By - Water Meters
  • Last Modified Date - Waste Meters
  • Last Modified By - Waste Meters

“Last Modified Date” metrics will return the date of the last change to the item in question.

“Last Modified By” metrics will return the contact name & username of the person who performed the last modification. For example: Jon Smith (SMITHJ).

The “Last Modified” Property metrics cover everything, including the energy, water, and waste meters. If the last edit to your property was to add an electricity bill, then the “Last Modified Date – Property” will be the same as the “Last Modified Date – Electric Meters.”

Gas and Electric meters are called out specifically because they are the predominant meters used in Portfolio Manager. The “Non-Electric Non-Gas Energy Meters” metrics will cover all energy meters EXCEPT electric and gas meters.

For a full list of changes/edits that will trigger a change in the “last modified” date see this FAQ

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