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Last Modified: What types of edits trigger an update? Follow

Twelve new “Last Modified” metrics were added on February 12, 2018.

For properties, the following is a list of what will and won’t trigger an update for the “Last Modified” date:

Adding, editing, or deleting this data will trigger a new Modified Date:

  • Basic property information (property name, address)
  • Property Uses
  • Use Details (Number of Workers, GFA)
  • Unique Identifiers (Standard / Custom IDs)
  • Baseline Date
  • Energy Target
  • Energy, Water, or Waste meters
  • Uploading custom upload templates
  • Property Notes
  • Design data
  • Parent-Child relationships
  • Energy Projects
  • Electric Distribution Utility (EDU) or Power Generation Plant

Adding, editing, or deleting will NOT trigger a new Modified Date:

  • Sharing
  • Transferring
  • Reporting
  • Recognition
  • Property Profile
  • Charts on My Portfolio
  • Download My Entire Portfolio
  • Groups
  • Contact Connections
  • Data Quality Checker
  • Metrics Summary table
  • Annual EPA Updates (weather stations, source factors)
  • Add new property (including Sample properties)
  • Copy Property
  • Third Party Certifications
  • Sustainability Checklist
  • Dashboard View


For meters, the following will trigger an update to the “Last Modified” date:

  • Adding, editing or deleting any meter bill data
  • Changes to basic meter information (meter name, units, date meter became active/inactive, etc.)
  • Changes in meter association status
  • Changes in green power status
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