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What happened to the Alternative Water meter? Follow

The short answer is: We combined the “Alternative Water Generated Onsite” meter with the “Other Water Sources” meter, so that we could add a new meter type specifically for Well Water (and Freshwater). This change took place on February 12, 2017. If you had an Alternative (or Other) water meter that had the word “Well” in the description (or groundwater), it was converted to the new Well Water meter type.

The longer answer is: We think people were confused about the difference between Alternative Water and Other Water.  Our intent was for well water to go in the Other meter, but we don’t think that was clear.  We are preparing to release our first Water Score for Multifamily Housing (to be released in later in 2017), and we don’t want to include any “Alternative” water sources like rainwater and gray water collection in the score, but we do want to include well water and fresh water in the score. We thought this would be more clear to users. 

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