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Why isn't gallons a choice for the units for all waste meter types? Follow

Gallons is a unit of measurement generally for liquid capacity, but sometimes measuring a "dry gallon." We need the weight of each waste material to equitably assess waste across your portfolio. But a gallon of feathers and a gallon of bricks do not weigh the same. So, unless the waste type has a standard weight, we can't offer the option to track it in gallons.

For example, if you are tracking one of your wastes under “Other,” there isn't a standard weight per gallon for us to convert it into a weight. 

The following waste materials can be tracked in gallons in Portfolio Manager:

  • Cardboard/Corrugated Containers
  • Compostable - Mixed/Other
  • Food/Food Scraps
  • Grass/Yard Trimmings
  • Paper - Copy Paper
  • Beverage Containers (aluminum, glass, plastic)
  • Fats/Oils/Grease
  • Glass
  • Mixed Recyclables
  • Paper - Books
  • Paper - Mixed
  • Plastics - Mixed
  • Plastics - Wrap/Film
  • Textiles/Clothing
  • Trash

There is a US gallons and a UK gallons in Portfolio Manager.

Here is an EPA gallons to weight converter for common liquid wastes.

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