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When should I conduct the site visit for my certification application? Follow

Site visits may take place:

  • anytime within the 12-month application period, or
  • within 120 days following the Year Ending Date (if your application is for the 2017 calendar year, then the Year Ending Data is Dec 31, 2017)

One site visit can be performed for consecutive application years, as long as the date of the site visit meets the above requirements for both certification years. For example, a building that earned 2017 ENERGY STAR certification for the year ending May 31, 2017 with a site visit on August 15, 2017, can re-use that site visit as long as the 2018 application year includes the month of August 2017.

The purpose of site visits is to verify conditions during the application period, so it is fine for a site visit to be conducted at any point during the application period, or shortly afterwards.

If the site visit is done early in the certification year (which will be the case for the 2nd year in consecutive certifications), the LP is still responsible for ensuring that all the data entered in Portfolio Manager is correct for the entire period, as operational data may change throughout the year.

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