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Do all 12 months of data have to be within the same meter? Follow

No, you can have multiple meters with less than 12 months of meter as long as combined they consecutively have 12 months of data. Please note, the meters that are no longer in use must be marked as inactive in order for the system to not think there is a gap in the data.

For example:

   Start Date  End Date
Electric Meter #1    1/1/206    7/1/2016 *inactive
Electric Meter #2   7/1/2016  


To mark a meter as inactive:

  • Go to the Energy or Water tab depending on the meter type
  • Click on the meter you'd like to deactivate and you'll be taken to its Basic Meter Information page
  • Uncheck the "Still in Use" box found underneath the "Date Meter became Active"
  • Fill in the "Date Meter became Inactive"

Data Center Exception:

  • Data Centers must have at least 12 months of consecutive data in order to generate an ENERGY STAR Score
  • Data Centers comply with the energy data year ending date. This means if a property has energy data from 1/1/2015-6/30/2016 but the Data Center has data from 1/1/2015-7/31/2016, the property’s year ending date will be June 2016.
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