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How do I enter a mixed use property? Follow

A mixed use property is defined as not having a single property use that is greater than 50% of the property’s Gross Floor Area (GFA). For example, the property below with a supermarket, an office, and multifamily housing does not have a single property use greater than 50% of the GFA.

  • Supermarket - 20,000 sq ft  - 20% of the GFA
  • Office          - 30,000 sq ft - 30% of the GFA
  • Multifamily    - 50,000        - 50% of the GFA

Mixed use properties cannot get an ENERGY STAR score, even if all of the Property Uses are types than can get a score, because in order to get a score more than 50% of the property's GFA (excluding parking) must be one of the property types eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.

You have two options to enter a mixed use property:

  • Simplest: Enter the entire property as “Other.” Since you can’t get a score anyway, this will be the easiest. Your Use Details (Number of Workers, Weekly Operating Hours, etc.) are only taken into account in the ENERGY STAR Score calculation, so you will get the same metrics for your mixed use property whether you enter the entire property as Other, or break each Property Type out.
  • Enter Each Property Use individually. In the example above, you would enter the 3 Property Uses (Supermarket, Office, Multifamily Housing) and the Property Use Details for each (# of Workers, Weekly Operating Hours, etc.). You’ll get the same metrics as #1, but it may be better for your own management of the building. In this case, the “EPA Calculated Property Type” will be “Mixed Use Property.”
    • If you are sub-metering these Property Uses, you can enter and track the energy use of each Property Use individually. Also, if some of your Property Types can get a score, you could also enter those spaces as a separate building (or child property) within a parent (property). You may be able to get a score for these spaces. However, you will not be eligible for certification as “part of a building.”
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