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How do I enter ground-floor retail for Multifamily or Office? Follow

It depends on how large your retail stores are.

  1. Individual retail stores that are 5,000 sq ft or larger, should be entered individually as their own separate Retail Property Use.
  2. Individual retail stores less than 5,000 sq. ft. should be combined, and then it depends on their combined size relative to the total property Gross Floor Area (GFA):
    • If the combined total of these retail stores is 25% or less of the total property GFA, include the GFA and Number of Workers & Computers for the retail stores within the Multifamily or Office Property Use. (Do not break out retail into a separate property use.)
    • If the combined total of the retail stores is greater than 25% of the total property GFA, then you should break out this retail into a separate Property Use. Combine all the retail stores together and enter them as the property type of “Other – Mall” (a subcategory under Retail -> Mall).
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