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My hotel (office) is used seasonally. How should I enter the months it is closed? Follow

During the months your property is closed, you should:

  • Update Use Details: On the Details tab, update your Use Details using “Update with New Information”:
    • Hotel – Set the Number of Workers to Zero.
    • Office, Medical Office, Financial Office, Bank Branch, Courthouse, and Warehouse – Set the Number of Workers, Number of Computers, and Weekly Hours of Operation to zero.
  • Enter Energy Usage. Continue to enter your energy bills. This may mean entries of 0.0 for each month, or it may be that you have some minimal usage associated with security systems in the building.
    • Weather Normalized Energy. Even if you have 0 energy use for multiple months, continue to enter your data as monthly entries (or at least less than 65 days) so that we can try to provide weather normalized energy. Portfolio Manager will attempt to compute weather normalized energy for your property, but depending on your specific situation, it may not be possible.

Note, a seasonal property will still receive an ENERGY STAR score.  However, if the average annual occupancy (counted as 0 for months when the property is not open) drops below 55% for a hotel or 50% for an office (our threshold for certification), then the score will likely be inflated.  You’ll want to compare a seasonal property to itself over time, rather than to other hotels or the median.

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