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Can I get a full list of possible waste meter method and disposal combinations for web services? Follow

The Waste Meter types are a combination of one of the 4 Waste Management Methods (Disposed, Recycled, Composted, Donated/Reused) and one of the 29 Opens a New Window. Waste Material Types Opens a New Window. . For example, “Disposed – Trash” or “Donated – Furniture.”

The total number of Waste Meter Types is not 4 * 29 because some of the Waste Material Types cannot be composted (batteries), recycled (food scraps), or donated (mixed paper). There are a total of 72 viable combinations and all of the 29 Waste Material Types can be Disposed.

For a full list of all possible waste meter type combinations in web services along with compatible units of measure see the attached Excel spreadsheet.  

Full list with all available units of measure attached here:

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