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How does a Data Center meet Indoor Air Quality standards? Follow

For the purposes of the Licensed Professional (LP) review for ENERGY STAR certification, we allow for discretion on the part of the reviewer to follow the spirit of the referenced standards (IESNA, ASHRAE) in the context of Data Centers:

  • Lighting – There must be sufficient lighting to ensure that safety and comfort is not jeopardized.  In areas where workers go regularly (offices, security posts, etc.) there must be adequate lighting to perform work-related tasks (per IESNA) and in areas where workers do not typically enter there should be minimum levels for safety/emergency functions.
  • Ventilation – ASRAE Standard 62 has two paths of compliance: the first specifies a ventilation rate, while the second relies on measurements of CO2.  The second approach is more suitable to Data Centers.  There must be some kind of ventilation in place to ensure that fresh air is available to workers at the Data Center.  Therefore, measurements can be taken to ensure that CO2 levels are acceptable.  Beyond that, it is always recommend to consider any other possible sources of contamination (from within or near the building) and test their levels.
  • Human Comfort – These considerations apply to the spaces within the Data Center where people work regularly (for example, security stations and work stations for employees who monitor and operate the Data Center).  It is acceptable for a “hot aisle” to be hotter than would be comfortable for normal working conditions, given that this not a work area for a typical employee. 
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