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What limits are in place for large accounts? Follow

Due to some system slowness, the following limitations for large accounts have been put in place:

  • Portfolio Dashboard - For accounts with greater than 2,000 properties, on your My Portfolio page in the "Dashboard" section, you will not see metrics for each individual property.
  • Portfolio Download –For accounts with greater than 2,000 properties, after selecting the link for “Download Your Entire Portfolio” you will see a message indicating that this cannot be done, but that you can request your file via our customer support line: www.energystar.gov/BuildingsHelp. Fewer than 1% of accounts fall above this limit.
  • Graphs on Energy and Water tabs - The chart on the Energy (/Water/Waste) tab shows your energy use by fuel type (or water use by water type) has been disabled for properties with greater than 300 meter entries. Because we show 5 years of monthly data, a property with 5 meters will hit this limit (5 meters * 12 months * 5 years = 300 meter entries).  Fewer than 5% of properties have more than 5 energy meters and fewer than 2% of properties have more than 5 water meters.
  • Chart & Graph Reports –The link to these charts on the Reporting tab is only available for accounts with over 2,000 properties. Very few accounts fall above this limit and would be affected. Accounts that have over 2,000 properties can still retrieve this data via custom reports, but will have to make their own graphs.
  • Import Spreadsheet – Limit to files of 2MB or less. This has historically been the stated limit, and we will now institute an automated check and will no longer attempt to process any larger spreadsheets.
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