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How is my Current Date determined if I have a fuel that is delivered in bulk? Follow

It depends, on the meters you have in your building:

  1. If you only have bulk delivery meters - Your Current Date will be the most current calendar month available, as long as you have at least one bulk delivery during the previous 12 months for each bulk meter. For example, say you had a bulk delivery on Jan 1, 2016. During the month of April of 2016, your Current Date will be March 2016 (the last full month available). If you don't enter another delivery fuel before Jan 2017, then in February 2017, your Current Date will remain December 2016.

You are only required to have 1 bulk fuel delivery every 12 months to get metrics. However, to get Weather Normalized metrics, you need at least 5 deliveries over a 2 year period. See more.

  1. If you have both bulk delivery meters AND regular meters (ex: electricity, gas) – Your Current Date will be the most current calendar month available if:
    1. Each bulk meter has at least one delivery in the last 12 months
    2. Each regular meter is updated with the most recent bill

Otherwise, your Current Date will be the last month where all of your regular meters have been updated, and you have a bulk entry within 12 months.

For example, if you have these two meters, your Current Date will be December 2015:

  • Electricity Grid – last bill 1/15/2016
  • Oil Bulk Delivery – last delivery 3/27/2015
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