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What enhancements were implemented in 2016? Follow

The following enhancements were implemented in 2016:

  • Irrigated Area was added to the Property's Use Details section (from the Details tab, click Edit under Basic Information in the top left)
  • Groups. A new metric has been added to Reporting for the Group (or Groups) that each property is in. It's under Property Information in Reporting. If the property is in more than one Group, there will be a comma separated list (East Region, South Region).
  • Copy Property. You can make a copy of any property that you have access to. The Copy Property button is at the bottom of the Summary tab for each building.
  • Add Sample Properties – You can now add 5 Sample Properties (bottom, right of the My Portfolio Page) for training or testing purposes:
  • New Monthly Energy (and Water) Use graphs by fuel types. You can also download this data.
  • Separate Energy and Water tabs
    • Includes separate data entry screens
  • Change Password Reminder
    • It’s a good practice to change your password regularly. We will remind you every 180 days (~6 months), but you are never required to make any updates.
  • Waste Benchmarking launched. A new tab was created to track your Waste and Materials (trash, recylcing, composting, donations, etc).
  • You can now easily change the 2 time periods for comparison on the chart on the Summary tab, from Baseline and Current to any two dates you want:

  • The Portfolio Download file was updated to include:
    • Green Power and Onsite Renewable data.
    • Energy Projects
    • An Audit "Report" for Meters that shows Active/Inactive Dates & First/Last Bill Dates for all meters and properties
    • Child Meters that are associated with Parent Properties
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