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I have solar panels on my roof, but I don't own them. How do I enter? Follow

Sounds like you have a solar Power Partnership Agreement (PPA) where you rent your roof space to someone else who owns solar panels.

Enter the energy that you purchase from these solar panels as an electric onsite solar meter. If you did not also buy the RECs, then select that the RECs are sold. If you bought the RECs, then you would say the RECs are owned.

The answer to this question will affect your metrics. If you own the RECs, then your Site to Source conversion factor will be 1, which will improve your Score and Source Energy. If you do not own the RECs, then this solar electricity will be treated like electricity purchased from the grid, with a Site to Source conversion factor of 3.14.

***Please note - there was a bug in Portfolio Manager which was treating "sold" and "arbitraged" RECs equivalent to owned RECs. This bug was fixed May 8, 2017. This could result in a score drop if you have leased solar on your roof.

Fuel Type

US Site to Source Conversion Factor

Canadian Site to Source Conversion Factor

Electricity (Grid Purchase)



Electricity (on-Site Solar/Wind) - Retained 100% RECs



Electricity (on-Site Solar/Wind) - Sold/Arbitrage 100% RECs




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