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Can I ask my utility to send energy data directly to Portfolio Manager? Follow

Yes, but only if your utility is using the Portfolio Manager web services to exchange data with the tool. You can determine this by searching this map of utilities that offer this service, available here. If your utility is not using web services, they may still provide the data you need to benchmark in other electronic formats, such as spreadsheets; these utilities are also listed here.

Once you have determined that your utility is using the Portfolio Manager web services, in order for your utility to automatically upload energy and/or water consumption data to your Portfolio Manager account, you will need to send a connection request from your account to your utility's account within Portfolio Manager.

The first step is to add your utility as “contact” in Portfolio Manager. In order to do this, you will need to know your utility’s Portfolio Manager username. The factsheet referenced above contains a list of utilities that exchange data with Portfolio Manager. You can use the links in that factsheet to contact your utility in order to get the correct username and to learn more about connecting with their web services account.

After confirming that you have the correct username for your utility, search for that username in the Add Contact page. Once you find your utility's account (web services accounts will be denoted with a chain-link icon), click the blue "Connect" button on the right to send them a connection request. Please note that each utility will have different terms and conditions that you will be required to accept in order to submit a connection request to their account. The utility may also require that you enter information for specific “custom ID” fields, in order to verify your identity and authenticate your connection request. Once you have submitted your connection request, the utility will see the connection request when they log into Portfolio Manager with the option to accept it. When your utility accepts your connection request, a notification will appear on your MyPortfolio page, and that is your confirmation that you are now able to share properties and meters with the utility so that they can begin exchanging data with those properties via web services.

There are several ways to share properties with your utility once you've connected with their web services account. The quickest way is to go to the Sharing tab, click Share a Property, then select the property(ies) that you'd like the utility to update. On the same page, you'll select the utility's account name as the Contact with which you’d like to share these properties. In order for the utility to provide routine consumption data updates, you'll need to grant their account “Data Exchange” permissions with “Full Access” to the properties and meters that you'd like them to update. Please note that your utility may also request that you provide additional information via custom fields at this stage. Custom fields are open text fields that allow you to enter additional information about a property or meter. Please see your utility’s website or contact them directly if you have questions about the information they require.

Once those permissions have been set, click "Share Property(ies)." The utility will then receive the share notifications in their account with the option to accept them. Once they do, you will receive notifications in your account confirming that the properties and meters are now shared with the utility’s account. Please note that while you are able to click to share more than one property at once with your utility’s web services account, you will need to specify the permissions you’d like the utility to have for each property one-by-one. If you need to share a large portfolio with a utility’s web services account and it’s not feasible to set the sharing permissions manually within the Sharing tab, please see this FAQ for assistance with bulk sharing.


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