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Where can I find my predicted energy? Follow

Your property's predicted energy is not currently available, however, the National Median is the predicted energy for your property at a score of 50.

The national median is a useful benchmark: 50% of properties perform below the median, and 50% perform above the median. The exact way the National Median for your property is determined will depend on your property:

  • If your property has an ENERGY STAR score - The national median is the Source EUI that will give your specific property an ENERGY STAR score of 50. This means the median is normalized to account for weather and business activities (number of workers, number of computers, etc), telling you what a building with your activities would consume, if its score was 50.
  • If your property does not have an ENERGY STAR score - The national median is the Source EUI from CBECS (Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey), without any normalization for either weather or operation. See the Table of National Median values.

You can find your National Median metrics on the Goals tab in this chart:

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