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How is waste tracked in Portfolio Manager? Follow

Portfolio Manager tracks 29 different types of Waste/Materials, everything from basic trash to cooking grease to appliances.

You can track each of these 29 Waste/Materials according to one of four different “Waste Management Methods”:

  1. Recycled
  2. Composted
  3. Donated/Reused
  4. Disposed. You can further categorize Disposed Waste (trash) according to one of four “Disposed Waste Destinations:”
    • Landfill
    • Incineration
    • Waste to energy
    • Other/Unknown

You may also track the waste or material according to whether it is picked up on a regular basis (like trash or recycling), or on an “intermittent” or one-time only basis (like a one-time donation of your old office furniture).

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