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What screens have been changed in Portfolio Manager? Follow

We know our trainers make screenshots of Portfolio Manager. Then we make enhancements and your screenshots are out of date. Hopefully, this FAQ will help keep you abreast of changes.

** On October 9, 2017, two changes:

1)the chart in the upper right of the Summary tab was edited to allow you to select your own metrics and time frames.


2) We released a new Water Score for Multifamily, which is shown on the Water tab. If the property can't get a Water Score, they will get Water Use Intensity in the box instead.

* On July 18, 2017, we significantly changed the "My Portfolio" page to provide a "Dashboard" of metrics for each property.

* On October 27, 2016, we removed the Planning tab from the top nav bar because we are working on performance improvements and this tab had several data intensive charts and graphs. In its place, we will be launching a "Dashboard" of 4 metrics for each property on the My Portfolio tab (a high user priority) in early 2017:

* The Planning tab had been the place where you could set baseline date and/or a target for your portfolio. This has now been moved to the My Portfolio tab in the bottom left.

* On August 7, 2016, we added a Waste & Materials tab:

In June 2016, Irrigated Area was added to the Property's Use Details section (from the Details tab, click Edit under Basic Information in the top left):


* On February 19, 2016 - we split the Meters tab into the "Energy" and "Water" tabs:

We re-organized these tabs slightly, and added a new chart for your energy use by Calendar Month (by fuel type):

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