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How do I determine the weight of my Waste? Follow

There are 2 ways to get the weight of your Waste:

  • Enter the container size (volume) and Portfolio Manager calculates a weight. Tell us the size of the container you are using & how full it is, and a weight will be calculated for you (and automatically flagged as an “Estimate”). However, this option isn’t available for 8 types of waste because not every type of waste has a standard volume-to-weight conversion factor (like furniture or appliances).
  • Enter the weight:
    1. Get the actual weight from your hauler. This is the preferable option, but it’s not widely available today.
    2. Estimate the weight yourself. If you have the ability to weigh a portion of the material, you can then multiply it by the quantity you have.
    3. Use a tool to help you calculate it. If you have one of these 8 types of waste that doesn’t have a standard volume-to-weight conversion factor, then you’ll need to create an estimated weight yourself. This document may help you create an estimate: https://www.epa.gov/smm/volume-weight-conversion-factors-solid-waste

Reminder: If you’ve estimated the weigh, be sure to check the “Estimated” flag.

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