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How do I make sure I receive credit for the benchmarks I perform via web services on the List of Providers that Exchange Data with Portfolio Manager? Follow

If you benchmark a property via the Portfolio Manager web services (ensuring that the property has at least 12 full and consecutive calendar months of data running through a month-ending date within the past 12 months) the organization associated with your Portfolio Manager web services account will automatically receive credit for that benchmark on the SPP Most Active List and List of Service Providers that Benchmark via Web Services.1

You do not need to enter your organization as the SPP in the GUI for each individual property you are benchmarking via web services in order to receive credit. Your organization will receive benchmarking credit even if another service provider also did benchmarking work on the same property record in Portfolio Manager within the past 12 months.

1 Note that your organization will only appear on the List of Service Providers that Benchmark via Web Services if you have requested to be on that list.

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