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What is the “Test” designation for a property? How do I change it? Follow

The “Test” designation is a way for you to indicate that a property is not a real building. Test properties can be used to try out new features in Portfolio Manager without touching your real data, or to train others on how to use Portfolio Manager.

You can mark a property as a “Test” building on the Details tab, under Basic Information, by setting the Construction Status to "Test."

You can exclude your test properties from your portfolio-wide graphics* by following these steps:

  • Go to “Account Settings (top right)
  • Go to the “Your Preferences” tab
  • Mark “Include Test properties in portfolio wide graphics?” as “No.”
  • *The portfolio-wide graphics referred to above are:
    My Portfolio tab: Summary Trends Graphics (charts on left side) Planning tab: Summary Pie Charts (charts on left side)
    Reporting tab: Charts & Graphs (top left) Test properties are not automatically excluded from Reporting when you select “All Properties.”
  • If you want to exclude these properties from a report, you can filter them out in the “Select Properties” modal.

On Feb 10, 2015 when the “Test” designation first launched, properties with any of these words in the property name or address were automatically marked as “Test”: Test Fake Sample Demo Anywhere/Somewhere. If anything was incorrectly marked as “Test,” we sincerely apologize. You can change/fix it on on the Details tab, under Basic Information, by editing the "Construction Status."

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