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What changes were made in the February 2015 web services 4.0 release? Follow

The release of the web services schema version 4.0 occurred February 11, 2015. The release included some minor schema changes, fixes, and other enhancements (detailed below):

  • Defects/Enhancements Specific to Web Services
    • New Audit Information for Get Pending Connection and Get Pending Shares – We expanded the pending connection request information to include the information of the account that sent the connection request. This audit information can be used to help you determine whether the connection request was sent by the Property Data Administrator (PDA) or by another user on behalf of the Property Data Administrator (sometimes called the “middleman”). To maintain consistency between the connection and sharing request services, the same audit information is now included in the web services that return the list of pending property and meter shares. This allows you to see when someone other than the PDA shares the property (or meter).
      • Example Pending Notification (new audit fields in red) – in this example note that one account (111853) has created the connection request on the behalf of another account (111852).




                                                <address address1="123 Main St" city="Arlington" state="VA" postalCode="22201" country="US"/>

                                                <email>[email protected]</email>




                                                <jobTitle>Property Administrator</jobTitle>





<createdByAccountId>111853</ >createdByAccountId>









      • Affected Services:
        • Get Pending Connection
        • Get Pending Property Share
        • Get Pending Meter Share


  • New Audit Information and Notification Types for Notifications – Every notification now includes a type code that will identify the notification type as well as information on the account that created and the time when it was created. This additional information provides you better context on the notification type without having to rely on parsing the text in the description.
    • Possible Notification Type Codes
      • UNSHARE
    • Example Transfer Notification (new audit fields in red). The following example shows that a property transfer occurred along with who the old and new property data administrators are.




<description> Acme Building (4152105) has been transferred to owner account USER111 (109788)</description>








    • New Audit Information for Use Details – The set of web services that returns use detail information was updated to include audit information. This audit information indicates the account that created the detail, and when the information was and last modified for each use detail. The affected services are as follows:
      • GET  /propertyUse/(propertyUseId)   -- Returns information for a given property use along with its most current use details information
      • GET  /useDetails/(useDetailsId)  -- Returns information for a specific use detail
      • GET  /propertyUse/(propertyUseId)/useDetailsRevisions -- Returns the entire use detail revision history for a specific property use


    • Change to Sharing Rules and Ability to Restrict Others –   We removed two important rules that may affect how you conduct your business.
      • More than one web services user can have full access to each meter. We now allow multiple web services users to have full access to each meter to facilitate a more diverse set of business cases. Many customers need to work with both utilities and third party consultants and/or may have their own internal energy management software tools.
      • No providers can block access for any other providers. Previously, because of the preceding rule, a web services user who had full access could choose to prevent their customer from providing even read only access to other web services accounts. You are no longer be able to apply this setting. The global level setting was removed from the Account Settings page within the application and the customer level setting was removed from the customer XML schema.


    • Units for Plant Design Flow Rate – Previously, this property use detail had no associated unit of measure options and is assumed to be in Million Gallons per Day (MGD). A selection was added that includes both MGD and Cubic Meters per Day (abbreviated M3PD). The user interface was updated to include unit of measure options for this use detail.


    • Prison Property Type for Target Finder and Design Web Services – The Prison property type previously existed for operational properties only. It was added as a valid property type in the Design and Target Finder web services. The design property type was added to the user interface.


  • Enhancements for both Web Services and the Graphical User Interface
    • Test Property Designation – Under the field for construction status you now have a new option for “Test Property.” This designation is intended for properties that you (or your clients) may be using for test purposes. In addition, the account services that allow you to retrieve and update account information will include an additional setting to indicate whether test properties in the account should be included in chart/graph calculations. You can also change your customer’s account settings by running a PUT /customer web service.


    • Revised Property Use Details – These changes were made to support a planned new ENERGY STAR score for Food Sales, Supermarket, and Convenience Store in Canada (to be released in 2015). In addition, there are some changes to create better consistency between the Retail and Supermarket inputs.


      • New Use Details for Supermarket
        • Length of Open or Closed Refrigeration/Freezer Cases (in ft or m)
        • Area of Walk-in Refrigeration/Freezer Units (in ft or m)
      • New Use Details for Food Sales, Convenience Store with Gas Station, and Convenience Store Without Gas Station
        • Number of Cash Registers
        • Number of Open or Closed Refrigeration/ Freezer Cases
        • Length of Open or Closed Refrigeration/Freezer Cases (in ft or m)
        • Number of Walk-in Refrigeration/ Freezer Units
        • Area of Walk-in Refrigeration/Freezer Units (in ft2 or m2)
        • Cooking (Yes or No)
        • Percent Heated
        • Percent Cooled
      • New Use Details for Retail
        • Length of Open or Closed Refrigeration/Freezer Cases (in ft or m)
        • Area of Walk-in Refrigeration/Freezer Units (in ft2 or m2)
      • New Use Details for Wholesale Club/Supercenter
        • Length of Open or Closed Refrigeration/Freezer Cases (in ft or m)
        • Area of Walk-in Refrigeration/Freezer Units (in ft2 or m2)
        • Single Store (Yes or No)
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