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The metrics sourceIntensityScore50 and sourceIntensityScore75 have been removed from the Web Services Reporting API section. Will these metrics be replaced? Follow

The process to call the sourceIntensityScore50 and sourceIntensityScore75 has changed.

You are able to get source intensity for any score (including 50 or 75) by setting a performance target setting for a property using and then calling the Get-Metrics web service to retrieve the “targetSourceIntensity”.

A brief explanation of how this will work follows:

1) First, set your performance target setting for your property using the following web service call: PUT /property/1765/baselineAndTarget <baselineAndTarget> <baseline> <energyBaselineDate>2009-10</energyBaselineDate> <waterBaselineDate>System Determined</waterBaselineDate> </baseline> <target> <targetMetric>Target ENERGY STAR Score</targetMetric> <targetValue>75</targetValue> </target> </baselineAndTarget>

2) After performing the PUT request (which assigns a target score for a specified property), you will be able to run the following GET request to obtain metrics associated with the targetScore value entered: GET /property/(propertyId)/metrics?year=(year)&month=(month)&measurementSystem=(measurementSystem)

With the following metrics in your header, as specified at: http://portfoliomanager.energystar.gov/webservices/home/api/reporting/propertyMetrics/get PM-Metrics: targetSiteTotal, targetSiteIntensity, targetSourceTotal, targetSourceIntensity, targetEnergyCost, targetTotalGHGEmissions

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