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What changes were made in the August 2015 web services 5.0 release? Follow

The release of the web services schema version 5.0 occurred August 3, 2015. The release included some schema changes, fixes, and other enhancements (detailed below):

  • Web Services Defect Resolutions/Enhancements
    • Web Services for Associating 1 Meter at a Time – Users are now able to associate one meter to a property and property use at a time without changing the pre-existing meter associations.
      • There were no changes to the current POST calls to associate meters to properties and property uses.
      • There are now two (additional) POST calls with the REST URLs /association/property/(propertyId)/meter/(meterId) and /association/propertyUse/(propertyUseId)/meter/(meterId) that will associate a single meter at a time. Users are now able to run these POST calls regardless of whether existing meter associations are in place.
      • If an existing meter association(s) is in place – this call adds the desired meter.
      • If no meter associations are in place – this call could be used to add (associate) one meter. 
    • Web Service to Determine Why a Property Does not Have an ENERGY STAR Score – Users are now able to run a GET call to obtain a full list of specific reasons why a property is not receiving an ENERGY STAR score.
      • When users run this web service, they will receive a response that has a list of alerts, with each alert having two tags: an alert name and an alert problem description. For example: <alertName>meter has gaps <alertName> 
      • <alertProblemDescription> The following meters have gaps between bills: Meter 1 (Gap from 4/1/2014 to 4/10 2014), Meter 2 (Gap from 6/4/2014 to 6/20/2014). <alertProblemDescription>
    • Minor Terminology Edits
      • Computer Density in Financial Office – The metric name “financialOfficeComputerDenisty” was corrected to “financialOfficeComputerDensity.”
      • Reable Energy Generated and Used Onsite – There were two metric names that correspond to the same calculation:
        • siteEnergyUseElectricityOnsiteUsedOnsitekWh
        • onSiteReableSystemElectricityUsedOnsiteCoincident 
        • For simplicity, onSiteReableSystemElectricityUsedOnsiteCoincident were removed because it was duplicative and the terminology was less consistent with the GUI.
    • Addition of Canadian Province “eGRID Regions” to green power meter services. Within the green power set of fields, in the meter web services (POST, PUT, and GET), Portfolio Manager will now accept and return the Canadian “eGRID Regions” – which match the Canadian Provinces.
  • Enhancements (apply to both User Interface and Web Services)
    • Revised Propane Meter Names and Inputs. These changes were done because many users are accidentally entering a liquid product as if it were a gas.
      • Remove Liquid Propane as a meter type.
      • Convert all existing Liquid Propane meters into “Propane” meters.
      • Add ccf as a additional unit available for Propane input.
    • Annual Fuel Factors Update – Revised cost, thermal and emissions data
    • Weather Station Mapping- Re-assigned weather stations based on most recent market data. There are no changes to user inputs or schema, but metrics may be affected.
    • Unit of Measure for Water Meters – 100 gallons (cgal). This unit was added at the request of our providers.
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