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What changes were made in the August 2014 web services 3.0 release? Follow

The 3.0 web services release occurred on August 6, 2014.

The following known issues were resolved (requires schema changes):

  • Known Issue 5188: Users are now able to enter and retrieve values with decimals for these property Use Details:
    • Seating Capacity in House of Worship
    • Surgical Operating Beds in Medical Office
  • Known Issue 5345: Users are now able to run GET and PUT calls on design data for the below fuel types.  These changes also affected both the Design and Target Finder Services.
      • District Chilled Water - Absorption Chiller using Natural Gas
      • District Chilled Water - Electric-Driven Chiller
      • District Chilled Water - Engine-Driven Chiller using Natural Gas
      • District Chilled Water – Other
      • Electric on Site Solar
      • Electric on Site Wind
  • Known Issue 5627: Users are now able to add and/or retrieve property unique identifier values that exceed 200 characters in length.   The maximum length changed to 4000 which is consistent with what the Portfolio Manager user interface allows.   

The following property use will have changes to the use details (requires schema changes): 

  • Multifamily Property Use: Modifications were made to support the release of a new ENERGY STAR score for multifamily in the fall of 2014. Some details that are not necessary have been removed for your simplicity.   All new Use Details are optional.
    • Use Details added:
      • Number of Residential Living Units in a Low-rise Setting (1-4 stories)
      • Number of Residential Living Units in a Mid-rise Setting (5-9 stories)
      • Number of Residential Living Units in a High-rise Setting (10 or more stories)
      • NOTE: When adding a new Multifamily property use, the sum of these three must equal the Total Number of Residential Living Units (existing Use Detail).
    • Use Details removed:
      • Number of Dishwasher Hookups
      • Primary Hot Water Fuel Type (for units)
      • Maximum Number of Floors
      • Percent of Gross Floor Area that is Common Space Only

The following additional modifications/enhancements were made (required schema changes):  

  • Name Change for “Other” energy in Target Finder & Design Services: In these two services, the fuel type “Other” has been renamed to “Other (Energy)” to be consistent with operational meters.
  • Expansion of Selection Options for Target: In each place where you enter a Target Percent, you are now able to pick any value from 0% to 100%. This includes setting ether the “Target % Better than Median” or “Target % Better than Baseline” options. An equivalent change occurred in the user interface on both the Design and Goals tabs. This affects the following services:
    • POST /targetFinder
    • PUT /property/(propertyId)/design,
    • PUT /property/(propertyId)/baselineAndTarget

Other Upcoming Feature Additions – No Schema Change

The following priorities were released in Summer 2014.   These features did not require a schema change: 

  • Share Forward capability (ability to share a property that has been shared with your account)
  • Ability to pull all Portfolio Manager custom reporting metrics via web services
  • No more stop/start sharing for access edits (changes to access levels for a shared property or its meters go into effect without ending and reissuing shares for the property and its other meters)
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