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What changes were made in the February 2016 web services 6.0 release? Follow

The Portfolio Manager web services 6.0 schema release that occurred on February 8, 2016 included the following elements:

  • WS Defects/Enhancements
    • Change water meter names for web services – The selections for water meter type in the web services were revised to match those in the GUI, with the web services now containing the water meter type “Mixed Indoor/Outdoor.” 
    • New Web Service: Parent/Children – Added a new web service that returns the list of parent properties associated with a given child. Remember that a child that can have more than one parent. This new service will show the ID and Name of any Parent Properties associated with a specified child.

    • Addition of “ID Hierarchy” to responses – Added a new set of services that will let providers pull back a hierarchy of information.  
      • The following calls are now available:
        • GET Idhierarchy/property/(propertyId)
          • Returns PDA ID and Property ID
        • GET Idhierarchy/propertyUse/(propertyUseId]
          • Returns PDA ID, Property ID, and Property Use ID
        • GET Idhierarchy/useDetail/(useDetailId)
          • PDA ID, Property ID, Property Use ID, and Use Detail ID
        • GET Idhierarchy/meter/(meterId)
          • PDA ID, Property ID, Property Use ID (for IT and Flow Only) and meter ID
        • GET Idhierarchy/consumptionData/(consumptionDataId)
          • PDA ID, Property ID, Property Use ID (for IT and Flow Only), meter ID, and Consumption Data ID
      • Additional Notes:
        • The hierarchy will always return the PDA Account ID only.
        • The hierarchy will show the property under which the meter is entered, regardless of whether it has been associated
          • In the case of a child property where the meter is associated to a parent campus, note that the parent campus is not reflected in the hierarchy.  
        • The hierarchy will include a property use ID in the case of IT and flow meter
    • Estimated Flag Metric Changes for Greater Specificity – The single generic metric we have called estimatedDataFlagInPropertyMeters, has been removed and replaced with two more specific metrics, to alert users if the estimated data is for Energy or Water meters.
      • Metric to be Removed
        • estimatedDataFlagInPropertyMeters
      • Metrics to be Added
        • estimatedValuesEnergy
        • estimatedValuesWater


  • Property Use Inputs
    • New Score for Senior Care Community in Canada – This is not a schema change, but starting with the 6.0 live release a score is now available for these properties.

    • New Property Type: Residential Care Facility – This was a schema change because it changed the list of “property types” that are available in the system.
      • This was a completely new property type that has the same inputs as Senior Care Community
      • This property type has a score in Canada (but not in the US)


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