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How can I find and fix errors in my data? Follow

There are several ways to diagnose and resolve potential problems in your data. Specifically:

  • Not Available Messages – Whenever a metric is “Not Available” you can click on the words “Not Available” to receive a detailed explanation. These messages will contain links to help you quickly fix the problem. Or, sometimes there may not be a fix because a particular metric is just not available for your property type, then there will be information about what you can use instead.
  • Data Quality Checker – The Data Quality Checker allows you to screen any selected time period and find a list of possible errors. It will scan for incomplete data and look at metrics like Source EUI, Number of Workers (compared to your Gross Floor Area), and Weekly Operating Hours to see if anything appears out of range relative to your property type.
  • Alert Icons (!) – Alert icons are provided in-screen on the Details, Energy and Water tabs for the most critical data problems – for example, when you have missing or incomplete data that will prevent the calculation of even the most basic metrics. These icons are designed to show you exactly what you need to do to resolve the problem. (More about alert icons)
  • Custom Reporting – A handful of alerts can be incorporated in custom reports. These alerts represent a small subset of alerts, which can be easily explained in a simple yes/no format. These alerts offer the best assistance if want to scan alerts for multiple properties at once.

While there is overlap among these four alert categories, the specific set of alerts may different in each. For example, a Library cannot receive a score. So, there will be a “Not Available” message explaining that Libraries are not eligible for scores. But, this alert would not show up in the Data Quality Checker because there is not a potential data quality problem with your property. Therefore, you should expect that the list of alerts that you see in each of these four locations will not be identical.

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