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How do I connect to my SPP? Follow

In order for a service or product provider (SPP) to be able to provide benchmarking services for your properties in Portfolio Manager, you will need to send a connection request to that provider’s Portfolio Manager account. The first step is to log into Portfolio Manager and then click the "Contacts" link in the upper right side of the screen.

Once on the Contacts page, click "Add Contact." You will be able to search for your SPP's account by username, the name of the account holder, or the account holder's email address. We recommend searching by username for the best results. Contact your service provider if you are not sure of the Portfolio Manager username to include in your search.

Once you find your SPP's account, click the blue "Connect" button on the right to send them a connection request. They will see the connection request when they log into Portfolio Manager, and once they accept it you will be able to share properties with them so that they begin benchmarking your properties. When the SPP accepts your connection request, a notification will appear on your MyPortfolio page.

There are several ways to share properties with your SPP once you've connected with them. The quickest way is to go to the Sharing tab, click Share a Property, then select the property(ies) that you'd like them to benchmark. On the same page, you'll select the SPP’s name as the Contact with which you’d like to share these properties. Discuss with your SPP what level of access Permissions they will need for the services they are providing. Once you have chosen the appropriate level of permissions, click "Share Property(ies)."

You may also want to watch a video on "How to connect with other users".

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