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How do I get access to a property my organization has recently acquired? Follow

The individual who creates a property in Portfolio Manager is the "owner" of this property. This person, who we call the "Property Data Administrator" (PDA), owns and retains all rights associated with property data.  Therefore, you must contact the PDA directly to request access rights to this property. Unfortunately, EPA is not able to transfer ownership without the PDA's permission, unless you are employed by the same company as the PDA.

To identify the PDA, select the summary tab of the property at hand. In the "Sharing This Property" table, you will be able to see which user is entered as "Property Data Administrator" under the permissions column.

With the PDA's permission, there are three options to get access to a building:

  • Transferred Ownership of the property: Ownership of a property can be transferred from one account to another -  For step-by-step Transferring instructions, see this FAQ. EPA can do the actual transfer as long as you provide the PDA's permission (an email approval is sufficient).
  • Shared Access: If the PDA does not wish to relinquish his or her ownership rights, (s)he may share the property with your Portfolio Manager account instead. There are various types of sharing permissions that the owner may select, ranging from "read-only" to "full access." For step-by-step Sharing instructions, see this FAQ.
  • Transfer the entire Portfolio Manager Account: If all the buildings in an account are to be transferred, the easiest method may be to turn over the entire account (i.e. the username and password). Once you have the username and password, you will want to go into Account Settings and update the contact information (name, address, email, etc.), the password, and the Security Questions. You cannot change the username, but once you have access to the account, you can transfer properties to the right account yourself.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to contact the PDA or his/her previous organization (if they are no longer with the company), you will have to create a new property and begin benchmarking from this point forward. 

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