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When I disconnect with someone, does it automatically remove their shares to my properties? Follow

No. When you “disconnect” with a contact, any shared properties will remain intact. If you do not want that person to have access to any of your properties, you will need to remove their access separately.

Why did we design it this way?

  • It’s not clear what should be removed. Only the properties for which you are the property data administrator, or, only properties that you personally shared with that contact, or both? What about the properties that this person “shared forward”? What about the properties this person shared with you? It becomes complicated and not clear what should be deleted.
  • We believe it is common for consultants to act as “middle men” to manage portfolios, where the consultant does all the sharing. If you switch consultants, you probably want to keep all the shares the consultant set up intact. We thought it would be easier for you to delete the shares that need to be deleted, rather than create all new shares.
  • To Err on the side of caution. We didn’t want you to disconnect with someone you think you don’t need or know, then realize half your portfolio was deleted along with it.
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