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Who is able to edit other people's sharing access/permissions? Follow

A person’s sharing permissions determine their ability to edit other’s sharing permissions:

Access Level

Ability to Edit Share Permissions

Property Data Administrator (PDA)

Can edit anyone’s sharing permissions. And no one can edit the PDA’s permissions.

Full Access

Can edit anyone’s sharing permissions except for the Property Data Administrator. This includes people who you’ve shared with AND people who shared with you.

Read Only

Cannot edit anyone’s access.


Can only edit sharing permissions for those people with whom they directly shared. Even if you have the equivalent to “full access” (which is Custom with full access to each section AND rights to “Share Forward”) you can only edit permissions for the people with whom you directly shared. If you share with A, and A shares with B, you cannot edit B’s permissions because you did not directly share with B.

Exchange Data

Can only edit sharing permissions for those people with whom they directly shared.


As an example, say Jack is the Property Data Administrator (the person who owns the record):

  • Jack shares with Mary with Full Access
  • Mary shares with Bill with Full Access
  • Bill shares with Jane with Custom Access
  • Jane shares with Nick with Custom Access
  • Nick shares with Emma with Custom Access


Whose permissions can he/she edit?

Who can edit him/her permissions?

Jack (PDA)

As the PDA, Jack can edit everyone who has access to his property.

As the PDA, no one can edit the Jack’s permissions.


Since Mary has Full Access, she can edit everyone except the PDA. She can edit Bill, Jane, Nick, and Emma.

Jack (PDA) and Bill can edit Mary’s permissions. Bill can edit Mary because he has Full Access.


Since Bill has Full Access, he can edit everyone except the PDA. He can edit Mary, Jane, Nick, and Emma.

Jack (PDA) and Mary can edit Bill’s permissions.


Since Jane has Custom Access, she can only edit Nick (the person she directly shared with).

Jack (PDA), Mary and Bill can edit Jane’s permissions.


Since Nick has Custom Access, he can only edit Emma (the person he directly shared with).

Jack (PDA), Mary, Bill and Jane can edit Nick’s permissions.


Since Emma has Custom Access, and hasn’t shared with anyone, she cannot edit anyone’s permissions.

Jack, Mary, Bill, and Nick can edit Emma’s permissions, BUT Jane cannot. Jane cannot edit Emma because she did not share directly with her.

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