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How do I transfer properties to another user? Follow

To transfer properties:

  1. Log into the Property Data Administrator's (PDA/owner) account (only the PDA can transfer)
  2. Make sure you are "connected" to the user that you want to transfer to.
  3. On the My Portfolio tab, on the bottom-left, click "Transfer ownership"
  4. Select the Properties that you want to transfer
  5. Select the Person/Account you want to Transfer to. (You must be "connected" to the user to transfer.)
  6. Click "Transfer Property."
  7. You'll get a notification that says you have chosen to transfer a property, and if the other person accepts you will no longer have access to this property. Click "Continue" to proceed.
  8. The person you are transferring to will get a notification that you are transferring a property to them. They can accept or reject the transfer. If they accept the property will be removed from your account and put into the new account

Note: When you transfer a property to another user, it will not affect all of the people who have access to that property. They will all still have the same access. 


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