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Once I've downloaded my portfolio and made some changes to it, is there a way to easily upload all of this data again? Follow

No, you can't use the files from "download entire portfolio" or "download property" to make updates to your property.

You can update your properties using one of these files which can be found on the Upload and/or Update Multiple Properties page.  Access this page from the bottom of the My Portfolio page.  Click on the link: "If you're a pro, you may want to upload and/or update multiple properties at once using an Excel spreadsheet."

  • Add New Properties
  • Add New Meters to Existing Properties
  • Add Bills to Existing Meters
  • Edit Basic Property Information for Existing Properties (such as name and address)
  • Update Use Details

You can use data from the "download entire portfolio" or "download property" feature to fill in sections of the upload template of your choice. But, please exercise caution if copying and pasting.  The upload templates are extremely sensitive to formatting changes and may not process.

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