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Which contacts are needed for an ENERGY STAR application? Follow

The application for ENERGY STAR Certification includes several important contacts:
  • Application Primary Contact is the person EPA will correspond with if there are any issues with the application. In most cases, this is the person who submits the application online.
  • Award Recipient is the person to whom your ENERGY STAR congratulations letter and ENERGY STAR decal will be mailed.
  • Signatory is the person in the organization, who will sign the final ENERGY STAR application in hard copy, along with the Licensed Professional. This person must be in your Contacts Book, but does not necessarily have to have a Portfolio Manager account.
  • Property Manager is an outside organization that you have hired to manage your facility operations. If your property is managed internally by the property owner, this field will not be applicable.
  • Submittal: Any user with proper access to the property can submit the application for ENERGY STAR Certification.

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