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What do certified properties get (a plaque? a decal?)? Can I purchase extras? Follow

All ENERGY STAR certified properties will receive a congratulatory letter, a certificate, and an adhesive decals that can be displayed on your property. Properties that have been certified for multiple years will receive an anniversary decal.

If you’d like an extra certificate or decal, please click on the “Ask a Question” tab above to make this request. Remember to include your building ID number in your request.

Other items--such as aluminum and glass plaques, flags, banners, and door clings—are available for purchase at www.energystar.gov/OnlineStore. To purchase items, you’ll need to register and provide the Portfolio Manager Building ID number for your certified property. Please wait at least one day after your property gets listed in our online registry before trying to purchase items from the store.

If you’d rather not purchase a plaque, we have D-I-Y instructions. All you need is a piece of glass, four metal anchors, and your EPA-provided decal.  See page 4 of our “How to apply the ENERGY STAR decal” document for these instructions and a materials list.

What happened to the old bronze plaques?

In June 2011, EPA transitioned away from the traditional bronze plaques in favor of the lighter and more environmentally friendly recycled aluminum plaques.

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