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How do I export my buildings' data to CTS? Follow

 To export your buildings data to FEMP's Compliance Tracking System (CTS):

1. You will receive a link from FEMP to the CTS Data Request Template via email

2. Click the link, and you will be prompted to log into Portfolio Manager. If you have already logged in, you will be taken to the “Respond to Data Request” page.

3. On that page, select the properties with data that you would like to release to CTS, and specify whether you are releasing your own data or releasing data on behalf of someone else. Click “Generate Response Preview.”


4. You will be taken back to the Reporting tab while the response preview generates. Once the preview has generated, you can preview the response in Portfolio Manager or Excel, generate an updated response to account for newly entered data, send or delete the response, or edit the properties you included in your response in step 3.



5. Once you are satisfied with the data you are releasing, click “Send Response” on the dropdown menu.

6. On the next page, choose which of your Portfolio Manager contacts should receive a confirmation email when the data is released, the format of the data to be included in the email attachment, and e-sign your data response by entering your Portfolio Manager account credentials. Click “Send Data”.

a. Data is uploaded by CTS staff on a monthly basis. However, you may upload benchmarking data to CTS at any time by exporting your data as an Excel spreadsheet from Portfolio Manager and using the CTS "Import Data" function  (when logged into CTS).

CTS website: https://ctsedwweb.ee.doe.gov/CTSDataAnalysis/ComplianceOverview.aspx

CTS Support: https://ctsedwweb.ee.doe.gov/CTSDataAnalysis/Help/Support.aspx



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