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How does Portfolio Manager help my agency demonstrate our progress toward meeting the Federal Guiding Principles? Follow

Agencies can access the Sustainability Checklist in the Goals tab for each of their properties to document and track their compliance with each Guiding Principle. On that same page, Portfolio Manager offers a downloadable, printable checklist that shows all of the responses to the Guiding Principles questions that have been entered into Portfolio Manager for that property, and it can be used as an aid when conducting a physical walk through to assess the property against the Guiding Principles. The checklist will also populate with useful metrics from Portfolio Manager for that property to assist agencies with the building assessment.

Agencies can pull data on compliance with the Guiding Principles across their portfolio by accessing the Reporting tab and running the Sustainable Buildings Checklist Report. An agency Portfolio Manager user can then supply this report to their agency's real property officer for reporting Guiding Principles compliance into the Federal Real Property Profile. FEMP also includes the field “Guiding Principles - % Complete” on its CTS data request templates.

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