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What is the best way to organize my agencies? property records in Portfolio Manager? Follow

The best approach to organizing your agencies’ property data depends on who needs access to the data.

Mid-Level Ownership Approach: If the agency’s properties are regularly accessed by folks at three different levels within the agency, for example: site, region, and headquarters levels, it’s easiest for the properties to be created within the mid-level or region accounts and have those serve as the property owner accounts. Since only the property owner account can currently share a property, keeping ownership at the mid-level allows them to share the properties up to headquarters and down to
the site level property managers.

Alternatively, agencies can also use the Top-Down Approach, in which properties are created within a top level or headquarters account and then shared down with full access to accounts that could include region or site level accounts. Those region or site level accounts would then be able to do routine data updates that will be immediately visible to the top level account holder. Finally, agencies can use the Bottom-Up Approach, in which different individuals within the agency benchmark properties within their separate accounts and then share the properties up to a top-level or headquarters account.

Sole User Approach: If only one person in the agency works with Portfolio Manager regularly, all properties are benchmarked in that individual’s account, which serves as the property owner account for all of the agency’s properties entered in the tool.

Agencies can reorganize ownership of their property records in Portfolio Manager using our transfer functionality. Agencies can log into Portfolio Manager, click on any property owned by their account, and transfer ownership to another account with whom they’re connected. The recipient account will then have full ownership of the property and will be able to share it with other accounts, including the original property owner. Please note that before transferring a property, all shares associated with the property must be ended. After share forward is released this summer, users will no longer need to break a property’s existing shares before transferring it to another account.

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