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How do I enter district steam, district hot water, and/or district chilled water? Follow

If you buy district steam, hot water, or chilled water from a utility company then you should enter these meter types with the units and quantity you see on your bill. District Steam, District Hot Water and District Chilled Water are all available meter types. Deep Water Source Cooling should be entered as District Chilled Water.

If you produce district steam, hot water, or chilled water from your own central plant (e.g. from a boiler or chiller at your property) then you do not enter your district steam, hot water, or chilled water. Instead, you enter a meter for the fuel that you purchase to power your plant – this might be natural gas or fuel oil. 

If you produce your own district steam and you distribute it to a campus of buildings – then you should view this FAQ to determine how to enter district steam/water when it is distributed across a campus.

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