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How do I enter District Steam that has been billed in pounds? Follow

If your district steam bill comes each month in pounds, it is recommended that you work with your utility to convert this number into a thermal unit such as kBtu. Portfolio Manager will allow you to enter your district steam purchase in pounds. Steam site energy consumption that is entered in pounds is converted to enthalpy (heat content) using a default conversion value of 1,194 Btus per pound of steam on a site energy basis. This is the heat content of saturated steam at the most common district system deliver pressure of 150 psi.

Users who are supplied steam at higher or lower delivery pressures may more precisely enter their energy consumption by converting steam consumption from pounds to Btus. This conversion may be accomplished by contacting your steam supplier, or using a standard steam table when delivery pressure is known.  To use this table, apply the enthalpy of steam at your delivery pressure to convert from pounds to Btu.

For example, of you steam is delivered at 100 psig, then the enthalpy is 1188.8 Btu/lb. In this case, if your bill read 1500 lbs of steam, you would compute: 1500 lbs * (1188.8 Btu/lbs) = 1,783,200 Btus. You would enter 1,783,200 Btus of steam into Portfolio Manager.


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