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How do I enter the energy from my CHP (cogeneration)? Follow

When you have cogeneration (also called CHP) you purchase one fuel (such as natural gas) and use it to produce both heat and power (e.g. steam and electricity).  In these situations you are required to enter only what you purchase into Portfolio Manager.

For example, if you purchase natural gas and use it to produce steam and electricity, you need to have a natural gas meter and track this energy. You are not required to measure or report the steam and electricity that you produce. You may still want to enter meters to track the steam and electricity, but if you do make sure to NOT include them in your metric totals because they are effectively duplicative of the gas meter.  To make sure you are counting the correct meters, check on the Energy tab by clicking “Change Meter Selections.” 

Although the electricity and steam you generate are not directly included in your metrics, generally CHP will help to improve your score. This is because you will need a relatively low amount of natural gas relative to your property’s total energy needs. 

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