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Do my Total Emissions include my Avoided Emissions from my purchase of utility green power/RECs? Follow

No. In Portfolio Manager two different numbers are tracked:

  • Total GHG Emissions associated with the property
  • Avoided Emissions associated with green power purchases

The net value is not a metric within Portfolio Manager. Portfolio Manager determines a property’s Total GHG Emissions footprint by accounting for all CO2, CH4, and N2O emissions associated with a property’s energy use. This is accomplished by assigning national emissions factors for all onsite combusted fuels and district heating and cooling, and assigning regional factors for grid-sourced electricity. The Avoided Emissions from all green power purchases are separately calculated based on the quantity, location, and generation period of that power.

Avoided Emissions from green power may then be applied against the Indirect Emissions associated with property's purchased electricity use (scope 2 emissions), or aggregated to the property portfolio or organization level, giving you flexibility on how you wish to account for and disclose your GHG emission reduction accomplishments. This approach is consistent with common greenhouse gas reporting protocols, which typically include avoided emissions and building emissions as separate items in the inventory.

For more information, refer to our Technical Reference on Green Power.

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