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How do I assess a property if there is no median EUI? Follow

Property types for which there is no Median can pursue these options to assess the property's energy performance.

a) Benchmark against the property's own historic energy performance and target reductions over that baseline.  Portfolio Manager allows users to enter any property type and track the weather normalized source energy use over time. This allows for a direct comparison of source energy use between two periods adjusted for changes in weather.

b) Establish a benchmark based on the rest of your properties. If you own multiple properties of a similar type for which there is no available energy performance score, you can calculate the average source energy intensity (kBtu/sf) across all of your properties. This average can serve as a benchmark from which to judge the relative performance of your properties.

c) Use target finder to see what energy usage you need to achieve to meet a target or evaluate estimated energy use. If you enter basic information about your business activity and set a target, you can see what this target means in terms of energy use, cost, and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, if you already have a design or retrofit project and know its estimated energy use, you can calculate the corresponding efficiency metrics. In addition, you can see the projected costs and greenhouse gas emissions. You can estimate the impact of upgrades, assess a property before you buy, and assess what-if scenarios to earn a certain score/receive certain metrics.



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