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How do I assess my property if there is no score? Follow

If there is no ENERGY STAR score for your Property Type:

  1. Compare with the National Median. For every property type, Portfolio Manager shows national median values for energy use, cost, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. You can access these national median metrics in several places:
    • You get a comparison to the national median in the top corner for each property (that doesn't get a score):
    • From the Goals tab, you can see a comparison of several metrics against the Median.
    • All of our Chart & Graph reports show the proportion of your properties that perform better than the median
    • You can create Custom Reports that incorporate the nation median energy, cost, and emissions values.  (See full list of metrics)
  2. Benchmark against your property's historic energy performance and set a target reduction. You can enter any property type into Portfolio Manager and track a diverse set of metrics over time, such as the Site Energy, Source Energy, Weather Normalized Energy by Fuel Type, Costs, and Emissions.   You can set targets for one or more of these metrics to track improvement between two time periods.  The weather normalized values (available for Site Energy, Source Energy, Electricity and Gas) can help you isolate your performance changes while adjusting for changes in weather.  You will see some of these metrics right when you click on your property.  Or, you can create a Custom report to view even more.
  3. Establish a benchmark based on the rest of your properties. If you have multiple properties of a similar type without a score, you can calculate the average Source Energy Use Intensity (kBtu/sf) across all of your properties. This average can serve as a benchmark from which to judge the relative performance of your properties.  You could similarly compare your portfolio using the energy cost, water consumption, or GHG emissions. 
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