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How do I improve my properties with low scores? Follow

The average commercial building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes. That means that if you haven’t done anything to save energy yet, chances are, you’ll find many opportunities to improve. And you don’t necessarily have to spend money to save energy. Start with no- and low-cost improvements, and then use savings to pay for more extensive upgrades.

To improve your properties:

  • Use EPA's Guidelines for Energy Management to determine where to start and how to maximize the return on your upgrade investments.
  • Refer to EPA's Building Upgrade Manual to learn more about specific upgrade strategies and technologies.
  • Information on energy management, efficient technologies, and financial evaluation can be found on the Tools & Resources page.
  • Finally, if your organization is not already a partner, consider joining ENERGY STAR as a partner to take full advantage of all the resources available.

As you implement new management strategies and technical upgrades, you can use Portfolio Manager to track goals and changes in your buildings’ energy use in order to verify improvement.

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