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My Electric Distribution Utility is incorrect. How can I correct it? Follow

Your Electric Distribution Utility (EDU) is the company responsible for the delivery (transmission and distribution) of electricity to your building or campus and is identified on your electric bill.

Portfolio Manager uses your EDU to determine the emissions associated with your electricity use. We identify your EDU by mapping your property with an EPA database called eGRID. Sometimes we get this wrong; electric utility companies merge, and change ownership, name, and service territories.

If you believe we do not have your correct Electric Distribution Utility, please:

  1. Double check the company that delivers your electricity - not the company that generates the electricity or the parent company. Note that the EDU is not the just “the utility company.” In some states the energy markets are deregulated. This means that a property may contract with Company A to provide the power supply (energy from the power plant), while Company B will continue to provide the electric distribution (Company B is the EDU).
  2. For now, accept the default mapping in Portfolio Manager- since we only map to 26 regions of the grid, chances are good that we'll get your building in the right region, even if your specific Electric Distribution Utility is incorrect.
  3. Let us know about the discrepancy – we update our data annually (in August) based on available reference data from the eGRID database.  If we are aware of a discrepancy we will confer with the team that maintains eGRID to determine whether an update is necessary. 
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