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What time-frame are my metrics based on? Follow

All Metrics are based on a Metric Year which represents 1 year or 12 full calendar months of data. A Metric Year is a 12-month period starting on the first day of one month, and ending 12 months later on the last day of the last month (ex: 6/1/2015 – 5/31/2016). The year associated with a given metric is represented by the Year Ending Date which is the last day of the 12-month period to which it applies. For example, if your Year Ending Date is "Dec 2016" then your metrics will be based on the calendar year 2016.

There are three types of Metric Years in Portfolio Manager:

  • Current Year –  the most current 12-month period for which you have 12 full months of data for all energy meters. For example, if you update your bills every month, then your Current Year will always be the 12-months ending with most recent month that you entered your bills. A different Current Year is determined for energy and water, based on the most current meter data.
  • Baseline Year –  the 12-month period used as a historic point of comparison. Portfolio Manager will default your Baseline Year to the first 12 month period for which you have data. You can change it on the Goals tab. You can also set a different baseline date for energy and for water.
  • “Your Choice” Year – a 12-month period which you select. For example, if you are running a report, you can select any 12-month period to view metrics. 
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