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How do I view an old score? Follow

There are three different methods to view an old score. 

1. In the Goals tab, select "Change the Time Period"

  • Go to the Goals tab
  • Select "Change the Time Period" by the Metrics Comparison for Your Property & Your Target chart
  • Edit the time period to the desired period
  • Select save

2. Generate a Score Card or SEP (shows one property at a time):

  • Go to the Reporting tab
  • Select ENERGY STAR Score Card or the Statement of Energy Performance (SEP) under ENERGY STAR Performance Documents
  • Fill out the basic report information including the property name and date for the previous score you want
  • Generate and Download Report
  • The report will generate on a separate tab on the browser screen
    • If you don't see the report, check if you have pop up blockers because this will prevent the system from generating the report

3. Create a Custom Report to show the old score (shows multiple properties at once):

  • Go to the Reporting tab
  • Select the blue icon "Create a New Template"
  • Enter the Name, Time Frame for the score you want to see, and Properties to include
  • Select "Select Information and Metrics".
    • Go to the section for "Energy Performance Metrics"
    • Select ENERGY STAR Score
    • "Apply Selections"
  • "Save Template"
  • The template will now appear under the Templates & Reports section
  • Select the drop down action I want to... "Generate New Report"
  • View report or Download to Excel
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